Reaching New Heights

Revolutionizing Access Across Industries


JLG® Industries presents its Engine Powered Boom Lifts, precision-engineered for optimal performance in diverse applications. These lifts are equipped with robust engines, delivering high power and efficiency on construction sites and in challenging environments. Incorporating advanced control systems and dynamic positioning features, JLG’s Engine Powered Boom Lifts ensure precise maneuverability and operational excellence. With a focus on technical reliability and functionality, these lifts represent a cutting-edge solution for elevated access requirements, providing operators with the tools needed to tackle complex tasks with efficiency and precision.


JLG® scissor lifts are engineered to provide enduring performance, ensuring a productive workday. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor construction or maintenance tasks, these aerial work platforms offer versatile solutions. Our lineup includes electric scissor lifts, designed for longer runtimes, and engine-powered scissor lifts, delivering durability on rough terrain. Choose JLG® for reliable and efficient scissor lifts that meet the demands of various job sites, enhancing productivity with their robust performance.


For light maintenance and facility work, JLG® provides an optimal solution with low-level access equipment, offering a safe, efficient, and uncomplicated alternative to traditional ladder use. Our low-level access solutions encompass a range of options, including drivable lifts, push-arounds, and the environmentally friendly, non-powered EcoLift series. JLG® is committed to helping you accomplish your tasks efficiently, ensuring that our low-level access solutions cater to a variety of needs in a safe and user-friendly manner.


When tackling maintenance or repair work in confined overhead spaces, achieving full access efficiently is crucial. That’s where our range of drivable and push-around vertical lifts comes into play, providing a productive solution for tasks that require working up and over. Not only do these lifts offer efficiency, but they also serve as a safer alternative to ladders, instilling confidence as you complete your job. JLG® understands the importance of productivity and safety in overhead work, and our vertical lift solutions are designed to meet those needs effectively.


When integrating a stock picker into your operations, you can rely on enhanced efficiency, extended reach, and elevated safety for tasks such as stock picking and routine maintenance. JLG offers a variety of drivable and push-around stock pickers, providing portable and highly productive solutions. Whether you’re navigating a warehouse for stock retrieval or conducting routine tasks, our stock pickers are designed to streamline operations, offering both mobility and efficiency to improve overall workplace productivity.


JLG takes pride in our collection of electric and hybrid boom lifts, designed with a commitment to environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, and sustained productivity. Our electric boom lifts are crafted to meet diverse job requirements while ensuring eco-conscious operation from start to finish. Choosing a JLG electric boom lift not only aligns with your operational needs but also contributes to maintaining a green job site. Count on JLG to provide solutions that prioritize both performance and environmental responsibility throughout your project’s lifecycle.