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Electric Pumps

ITC presents a range of seven electric dosing pump models, including two with advanced control (Dostec AC and DOSmart AC). Whether diaphragm or piston, with features like positive return mechanisms or stepper motors, all models guarantee market-leading regulation for efficient and precise chemical dosing.

Hydraulic Pumps

ITC introduces two hydraulic pump models: Fertic and Ecofertic. Compact and versatile, these pumps facilitate the precise dosing of liquid or soluble fertilizers for injection into irrigation water. Automated capabilities, including a programmable feature for controlling drainage water flow, enhance the efficiency of these pumps, making them ideal for streamlined agricultural applications.

Magnetic Pumps

ITC offers a range of six Dositec pumps, featuring a flow rate of 2 – 20 l/h and a pressure of 18 bar, allowing for tailored solutions based on specific process requirements. Each pump model is designed with unique characteristics:
DOSITEC – PR: Equipped with PH and ORP (Redox) control.
DOSITEC – MF: A multifunctional pump offering Manual, Proportional, Analogue 4-20mA, and Timer control.
DOSITEC – WMF: Another multifunctional pump with Manual, Proportional, Analogue 4-20mA, and Timer control features.
DOSITEC -WMD: Designed for manual regulation ranging from 0-100%, controlled conveniently via keyboard.

Mixer Products

ITC’s turbine agitators offer adaptable solutions for tanks of various sizes. All agitators feature a 12V DC motor, making them suitable for areas without mains electricity. Choose from our range:
Mixer 1.5: Up to 10,000 litres.
Mixer 2.0: Up to 7,000 litres.
Mixer 1.3: Up to 3,000 litres.
Mixer 1.1: Up to 800 litres.
Mixer 0.6: Up to 200 litres.

Controller Products

ITC’s line of controllers delivers precision and reliability across diverse applications. Designed for efficient and streamlined operations, ITC controllers cater to a range of needs. Explore ITC’s lineup.

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