On-Site Hypochlorite Generation Systems (OSEC)

OSEC systems generate hypochlorite on-site for water and wastewater disinfection, energy efficient and customizable to specific facility needs

UV Systems

Evoqua’s UV systems use ultraviolet light for powerful water disinfection, eliminating bacteria and viruses without chemicals. Simple, effective, and eco-friendly, they ensure water purity for various applications.

Small and Large Range Chlorination Systems

Systems for introducing chlorine as disinfectant in water and wastewater, easy to use, maintain and operate.

Chlorine Dioxide Generators

Systems generate chlorine dioxide for water and wastewater disinfection, powerful oxidizing agent, easy to use and maintain.

Chlorine Scrubber Systems

Systems remove chlorine and chlorine by-products from water and air, commonly used in industrial applications, easy to use and maintain.

Ozone Systems

Evoqua’s ozone systems redefine water treatment, leveraging the power of ozone for efficient disinfection. These systems provide a chemical-free solution to eliminate contaminants, ensuring water purity in various applications. With simplicity and effectiveness at their core, Evoqua’s ozone systems are a sustainable choice for advanced water treatment needs.