Borehole Services

TSB provides a comprehensive service to meet all your requirements for extracting water from boreholes.

Our comprehensive range of services include:

  • Site Investigation and Surveys
  • Selection sizing and supply of new or replacement pump units and submersible motors.
  • Rehabilitation and development of existing boreholes including sand and silt removal, CCTV inspection, brushing and surging.
  • Borehole test pumping and monitoring.
  • Removal and installation of submersible pumps and motors.
  • Onsite and in workshop pump / motor repairs and performance testing.

We have the capability to repair all units using manufacturers’ original parts and can also produce obsolete parts in our machining workshop.

Our in house performance test facility ads advantages to our portfolio of services, which enable us test submersible pumps against manufacturer specifications, which in turn gives confidence to our customers that the repaired pump units are functional prior to dispatch and installation on site.