Process Instrumentation and Control

  • Pressure measurement
    Including absolute and gauge pressure measurement, hydrostatic level measurement and differential pressure measurement

  • Flow measurement for liquids, gases and steam
    Including Coriolis mass, Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic, Vortex, Differential pressure and Thermal mass flow measurement technologies.

  • Level Measurement and Detection
    • Continuous level measurement in liquids and bulk solids
      Including radar, guided radar, ultrasonic, capacitance, servo, conductive and radiometric technologies.
    • Point level detection in liquids and bulk solids
      including vibronic point, electromechanical, float and paddle point technologies.

  • Liquid Analysis
    Including TOC, COD and SAC analyzers, Process photometers, pH sensors and transmitters, ORP sensors and transmitters, Nutrient analyzers and sensors, Metal analyzers for silica, hardness, iron, chromate & more, Conductivity sensors and transmitters, Oxygen sensors and transmitters, Turbidity sensors and transmitters, Chlorine sensors and transmitters, Automatic water samplers, Sludge level sensors and transmitters.

  • Temperature measurement
    Including industrial thermometers, Hygienic thermometers, High temperature thermometers, Heavy duty thermometers, Compact thermometers, Multipoint temperature sensors, Temperature switches, Temperature transmitters, Thermowells & protection tubes, Cable probes and Surface thermometers.

  • System products
    Including data managers & data loggers, Process indicators & control units, Process transmitters & limit switches, Energy managers & application managers, Power supplies & barriers, Gateways & modems, Handheld, communicators, WirelessHART solutions and Surge arresters.