Low Voltage Motor Control Centers

TSB offers specialized service to custom design and build Motor Control Centers. Generally based on one of our standard designs we can encompass the specific needs of our clients. Our aim is to provide a quality product at a competitive price. A product in which our customer has confidence it is a fully compliant assembly which will underpin his responsibility to ensure safe operational practice with plant and personnel.


Modular cubicle design allows MCC to be configured to customer requirements.
MCCs can be modified or extended on site with minimal disruption
Standardized construction can accommodate Air Circuit Breakers, Fuse switches, Moulded Case Circuit Breakers, PFC Equipment; Motor Starters and Power Transformers in PTT assemblies.
Full range of Busbar systems, including high current Busbars, ASTA certified busbar supports and isolators giving flexibility to design distribution and motor control systems for the most demanding requirements.
Standard cabling options allow for front, rear, top or bottom entry. The choice lies with the individual customer.
MCC are designed to comply with BS, IEC and NEMA standards, from2,3 and 4 fixed and drawout types.


Rated operational voltage 660V
Rated insulated voltage 1000V
Test voltage 3500V 1sec
Rated frequency 1-400Hz
Short time current 50KA for 1 second
Horizontal bar standard current rating 500 to 2500 A
Riser bar standard rated currents 500 and 800 A
Motor starting max. 250 KW, 380V
Feeder output 800 A
Input cubicle max. Breaker rating 4500 A