Our Commitment: Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement

Our family company mission is to provide our customers with trustworthy, innovative, technically sound Engineered Solutions and Services, maintaining focus on our values, ethics, culture, staff and team members.

Vision Statement

We are a successful family company, customers in the Middle East trust us and their expectations are exceeded by our quality products, services and engineered solutions, to be an employer of choice and a respected member of the community.

Company Values

Well-being and Safety

  • Using equipment and materials properly
  • Reporting potentially unsafe situations
  • Observing safety and security procedures
  • Implementing safer work practices / processes for self / staff/ customers
  • Determining appropriate safe actions when no formal guidelines in place.

Ethics and Integrity

  • Developing confidence through consistent action, values and communications
  • Meeting commitments and promises
  • Acting consistently
  • Displaying personal integrity and honesty
  • Displaying a sense of corporate responsibility and a high level of accountability
  • Supporting a culture that rosters high standards of ethics and professionalism


  • Assisting staff in other departments to achieve a goal
  • Placing broader objectives ahead of own needs and objectives
  • Gaining commitment to shared objectives from all parties
  • Acknowledging contribution and potential of others
  • Using appropriate communication methods to work effectively with others
  • Working to resolve conflicts of differences of opinion
  • Building trust and empowerment by modeling behaviors expected of all staff.


  • Taking action to overcome obstacles so that others can achieve results
  • Always gets things done on time
  • Consistently produces a high quality output
  • Demonstrating a high level of energy and purpose
  • Taking ownership for an outcome
  • Taking steps to overcome a lack of action.

Delivering Innovation

  • Generating ideas for improvement which are commercially viable
  • Displaying a commitment to excellence
  • Looking for ways to improve and promote quality
  • Generating novel solutions to work situations
  • Suggesting new ways to apply existing knowledge
  • Trying different ways to deal with organizational problems and opportunities
  • Consistently thinking and analyzing costs and benefits to solutions.

Excellent Relationships

  • Proactively developing customer relationships by making efforts to listen to and understand.
  • Taking responsibility for action to meet customer need through to the end
  • Giving high priority to customer satisfaction
  • Gaining commitment to shared objectives from all parties
  • Using appropriate communication menthods to work effectively with others
  • Being committed to creating real value
  • Seeking and value feedback on what customers are telling us and act on it.
  • Developing smart solutions that differentiate us from our competitors